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Because you’re worth it?

acrylic on canvas. Available for sale.

Beauty must not come at the price of our beloved animals. It is unacceptable to inflict suffering and death on countless animals for something that isn’t even necessary but simply a beauty preference.

 Going out public without makeup is almost unheard of for most ladies. We all know that society is responsible for dictating what we find beautiful or attractive. Why do we try to base our looks off a standard that is never a permanent fixture within society (i.e. trends)? Over the course of time, the beauty standards have changed. How is it that people turn to such un-attainable practices in order to be deemed “good-looking” by a society that is constantly in motion? Who dictates these empty lives? Natural is definately more beautiful than superficial.

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This entry was posted on April 19, 2012 by in ANIMAL WELFARE, ARTWORK and tagged , , .

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