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Existential Angst

Graphite and charcoal. Practice piece only. Final work to come soon.

I am not a pessimist but a sturdy optimist when I say this. Soon you will die and become nothing. At that moment, all of your potential will have expired. Everything you could have done will never be. But that is only the final death, an anti-climatic and appropriate one. You will first live many small deaths from many choices and potentials rejected and unrealized. You did not win them, so they passed away stillborn, never brought into existence.

This world is, to quote many an existentialist, “absurd”. Each interaction, situation or setting reinforces the feeling that life may be based solely on our empty relations with other members of the species. Living as though the world is a play or a movie acting out in front of you, the major characters being the influences in your life.

What are these influences and what are they influencing? You gotta understand the world around you and navigate your way through it. It’s a hard one to pinpoint. Each of us, the questioner, lonely one, the searcher, the existentialist, is on a long subjective journey. We must find our own way through the scenery of life and make an existence that brings meaning to our lives as well as to the emptiness we inhabit. A difficult task, a life altering decision to choose to take on the task, a worthwhile meaningful achievement to complete the task.





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